Toneboosters Plugin Bundle Crack 1.7.6 Full Free Download

The Toneboosters Plugin Bundle Crack is a powerful collection of mixing and mastering plugins that provides comprehensive tone-shaping capabilities for producing professional quality audio. This bundle delivers an arsenal of essential effects like compression, EQ, filtering, gating, modulation, delay, and reverb, offering immense value at an affordable price.

What is the Toneboosters Plugin Bundle?

Toneboosters is a respected developer of audio plugins for mixing and mastering applications. Their Plugin Bundle packages 7 of their most popular plugins into one integrated suite:

  • Compressor: Smooth and musical compression to shape transients and dynamics
  • Equalizer: Graphic and parametric EQ modes with flexible tone control
  • Envelope: Volume envelope shaping effects like swells and gating
  • Filter: Low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and band-reject filtering
  • Gate: Noise gating to clean up signals by attenuating unwanted sounds
  • Chorus: Thickening and widening effects to enhance tone
  • Delay: Tempo-synced and free-time delay with modulation options
  • Reverb: High-quality reverb algorithms for room ambience

These professional-grade plugins provide all the tone-sculpting tools you need for polishing mixes and masters. The consistent interface design also makes it easy to jump between plugins.

Bundling multiple plugins together allows Download free Toneboosters Plugin Bundle Crack to offer them at a significant discount compared to purchasing individually. If bought separately, these 7 plugins would cost over $400, but the bundle averages just $99. This makes it an unbeatable value for home studio producers looking to upgrade their plugin arsenal.

Toneboosters Plugin Bundle Crack

Toneboosters Compressor Plugin

The Toneboosters Compressor delivers versatile dynamics control with a clean, polished sound. It features intuitive controls comparable to high-end analog hardware compressors:

  • Threshold: Sets the volume level at which compression kicks in
  • Ratio: Determines how much compression is applied above the threshold
  • Attack and Release: Control how fast the compressor clamps down and lets go of sounds
  • Gain: Makeup gain to compensate for volume reduction from compression
  • Soft knee: Gradual onset of compression for smooth, natural dynamic control

You can use the compressor for general level balancing, smoothing out peaks, making instruments sit better in a mix, or tightening up dynamics on drums and vocals. The SSL-style interface inspires confidence while still keeping things simple.

Audio Examples

Here are some examples demonstrating how the Toneboosters Compressor shapes dynamics on different material:

  • Drum loop before and after compression to tighten and control peaks
  • Acoustic guitar compressor settings for a smooth rounded tone
  • Controlling vocals for consistent levels and articulation
  • Bass compression to keep low end solid and refined

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Toneboosters Equalizer Plugin

Every mixer needs a versatile EQ, and Toneboosters delivers with both graphic and parametric modes. The graphic EQ offers quick tonal balancing, while parametric mode provides surgical precision:

  • Graphic EQ: 10 bands of boost/cut from 31 Hz to 16 kHz
  • Parametric EQ: 4 fully-configurable parametric bands
  • Filtering: 12 dB/octave high-pass and low-pass filters up to 32 kHz
  • EQ Matching: Match the EQ profile of a reference track

You can sculpt sounds with broad tonal strokes using the graphic bands or dial in specific notches, cuts, and boosts with parametric mode. The EQ responds smoothly and naturally without harshness.

Use Cases

  • Shaping bass guitar tone with a low shelf boost and midrange cut
  • Adding brilliance to vocals with a gentle high shelf lift
  • Notching out unpleasant resonances in recordings
  • Cutting low rumble with a high-pass filter
  • Boosting guitar presence with a narrow 1-2 dB peak in the midrange

Toneboosters Envelope Plugin

The Envelope plugin generates volume shaping effects like swells, gating, and transient designing. It works by controlling sound levels over time based on four adjustable phases:

  • Attack: How quickly volume fades in
  • Sustain: Maximum volume level
  • Release: How quickly volume fades out
  • Output: Makeup gain stage

Common applications include:

  • Smooth fade-ins: Set a slow attack to gradually ease in a sound
  • Reverse cymbal swells: Fast attack, slow release
  • Gated reverb: Short release to cut reverb tail
  • Transient softening: Slow spiky attack transients

You can get very creative with envelope shaping to transform the feeling of parts and add movement.

Audio Examples

  • Fading in a string pad slowly for a cinematic swell
  • Giving guitar notes a fast-rising punch
  • Tightening up sloppy drum hits by reducing decay
  • Smoothing out a raspy vocal using a gradual attack

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Toneboosters Filter Plugin

The Toneboosters Filter delivers versatile sound-shaping with low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and band-reject options, each with 12 dB/octave slopes. You can rein in problem frequencies or creatively manipulate tone.

  • Cutoff: Frequencies allowed to pass through, adjustable from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Resonance: Boosts frequencies at the cutoff point
  • Filter Type: Low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-reject
  • Saturation: Optional filter resonance overdrive

Typical uses include:

  • Removing low rumble with a high-pass filter
  • Boosting vocal presence with a band-pass filter
  • Isolating the crack and sizzle of a snare drum with a band-pass
  • Smoothing out an overly bright instrument with a low-pass filter

The saturation control pushes exciting resonant overdrive when using high resonance settings. This fattens tones in a musical way.

Audio Examples

  • High-pass filter to remove sub rumble from a recording
  • Telephone effect using a narrow band-pass filter
  • Removing harshness from a cymbal with a low-pass filter
  • Vocal clarity boost with a touch of saturation from the band-pass filter

Toneboosters Gate Plugin

Noise gates attenuate signals below a set threshold to clean up recordings. Toneboosters’ Gate provides flexible dynamics processing:

  • Threshold: Sound levels that trigger gate to open or close
  • Attack: Speed at which gate opens when audio exceeds threshold
  • Release: How quickly gate closes after audio dips below threshold
  • Range: Amount of attenuation applied to gated signal

Typical applications include:

  • Removing bleed and noise from recordings
  • Tightening sloppy drum performances
  • Creative gated reverb effects on drums and vocals
  • Rhythmic chopping effects by automating the threshold

You can also use sidechain filtering to isolate and gate a specific frequency band, like suppressing low rumble without killing high frequencies. Overall, the noise gate tightens up loose performances and clarifies mixes.

Audio Examples

  • Reducing cymbal bleed into overheads and room mics
  • Gating reverb on snare hits for a bigger sound
  • Removing amp noise and hum on guitar tracks
  • Tightening up languid bass notes by decreasing release time

Toneboosters Chorus Plugin

Chorus creates rich, shimmering textures by doubling your signal with modulated delay lines. Toneboosters models classic analog chorus units with the following parameters:

  • Rate: Speed of modulation from 0.14 to 12.5 Hz
  • Depth: Intensity of delay line modulation
  • Voices: Number of simultaneous chorus voices
  • Feedback: Resending modulated signal back through effect
  • Mix: Wet/dry output balance

You can choose triangle, sine, or random waveforms to modulate the delays for different chorus flavours. Other controls shape tone and intensity.

Use Cases

  • Adding shimmer to clean electric guitar
  • Fattening up synth pads and strings
  • Widening backgrounds and adding depth to keys
  • Making vocals richer and more expansive

Audio Examples

  • Chorus on electric piano thickening the tone
  • Spacey slow triangle rate chorus on synth strings
  • Moderate depth and feedback for guitar width
  • Subtle chorus to give vocals dimension

Toneboosters Delay Plugin

From basic echoes to complex creative effects, the Toneboosters Delay delivers an inspiring array of time-based effects. Key features include:

  • Sync tempos from 1/64th note to 1/1 note lengths
  • Groove delay for rhythmic echoes
  • Ping pong stereo movement
  • Analog modeling for warm vintage sound
  • Modulation for chorusing effects

You can conjure anything from tightly synced rhythmic delays to ambient washes of echo. The interface offers immediate access to all the top-tier delay tools you need.


  • Dub echoes – Long feedback and time for reggae/dub styles
  • Slapback – Tight echoes around 100 ms for vocals and guitar
  • Dotted – Creative syncopated rhythmic delays
  • Wide backgrounds – Modulation and ping pong for widening

Audio Examples

  • Dub delay on guitar adding rhythmic interest
  • Slap delay on snare reinforcing the backbeat
  • Spacey sci-fi ambience with high feedback
  • Panning modulation widening synth pads

Toneboosters Reverb Plugin

This versatile reverb plugin delivers lush, expansive ambience using 8 different reverb algorithms:

  • Hall – Large, resonant spaces like concert halls
  • Room – Mid-sized performance spaces and studios
  • Plate – Classic plate reverb sound
  • Spring – Vintage spring reverb emulation
  • Ambience – Natural-sounding early reflections
  • Chorus – Modulated studio rack reverb
  • Cathedral – Cavernous elongated reverb tail
  • Gated – Gated drum reverb

Controls like size, decay, damping, and more allow you to sculpt the space and tonality of reflections. The Room algorithm works great on vocals and guitars, while the Hall and Cathedral settings create cavernous backgrounds.

Audio Examples

  • Realistic room ambience for lead vocals
  • Huge epic hall on film score elements
  • Tight plate reverb for snare drums
  • Spring reverb adding vintage vibe to keys

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Plugin Formats and Compatibility

The Toneboosters Plugin Bundle Crack is available in VST, VST3, AU, AAX, RTAS formats for both Mac and Windows. It supports major DAWs like Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Reaper, and more running on macOS and Windows 7 or later.

Installation involves downloading the plugin bundle, extracting the installer, and running it to automatically place the plugins in your system and DAW plugin folders. Activation requires an iLok account, either using the iLok USB dongle or computer-based iLok license manager.

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Is the Toneboosters Plugin Bundle Worth It?

At around $100 for 7 pro-grade mixing and mastering plugins, the value of Full version crack Toneboosters Plugin Bundle is undeniable. You would spend over $400 buying these plugins individually.

The bundle provides a stocked effects toolkit covering all the essentials like EQ, dynamics, time-based effects, modulation, and filtering. The consistent stylish interface also makes these plugins a joy to use.

While not as feature-rich as premium plugins from brands like FabFilter, Waves, and Soundtoys, the audio quality and versatility is extremely impressive for the low cost.

For home studio producers on a budget looking to seriously step up their mixing toolkit, Free download Toneboosters Plugin Bundle Crack represents fantastic value and is easy to recommend. The discount for bundling makes it affordable for almost any producer to jump from basic stock effects to pro-level processing capabilities.

Toneboosters Plugin Bundle Crack


With 7 robust effects plugins that would cost a fortune individually, the Toneboosters Plugin Bundle Crack puts premium mixing tools within reach of any musician. The collection provides a complete solution for sculpting professional quality tones, packaged in a consistent and great-sounding interface. For budget home studios looking to upgrade their sonics, this bundle is a no-brainer purchase.

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