Liberty Street Coinmanage Deluxe Crack Full Free

Managing cryptocurrency investments across multiple wallets, exchanges and accounts is a hassle. You need a robust software solution that brings everything under one roof. That’s where Liberty Street Coinmanage Deluxe Download free comes in – your all-in-one portfolio tracking and tax compliance tool.

What is Liberty Street Coinmanage Deluxe?

Liberty Street Coinmanage Deluxe Crack is an advanced desktop software created by Liberty Street to help cryptocurrency investors and traders effortlessly track their entire portfolio. The key benefits include:

  • Consolidated tracking of all your crypto holdings, exchanges, wallets in one place
  • Automated syncing to eliminate manual entry
  • Real-time portfolio value calculations
  • Detailed reporting, charting and analytics tools
  • Tax compliance features like capital gains tracking

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a new crypto investor, Liberty Street Coinmanage Deluxe Free download simplifies cryptocurrency management across the board.

Liberty Street Coinmanage Deluxe Crack

How Does Liberty Street Coinmanage Deluxe Crack Help Manage Your Crypto Portfolio?

The core functionality revolves around seamlessly aggregating and analyzing your cryptocurrency data. Let’s look at how it achieves this:

Connecting Your Exchanges, Wallets and Accounts

Liberty Street Coinmanage Deluxe Full version crack supports over 25 popular exchanges, wallets and account types out of the box including:

  • Exchanges: Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Gemini
  • Wallets: Ledger, Trezor, MetaMask
  • Accounts: PayPal, Bank accounts

You can connect all these accounts through secure API keys and read-only data integration. No need to share private keys or seed phrases.

For example, here’s how you’d connect your Coinbase account:

  1. In Coinbase, go to Settings > API Access and create a new API key
  2. In Coinmanage Deluxe, click Connect Account > Coinbase
  3. Enter your Coinbase API key and you’re connected!

Once the initial connections are made, Coinmanage Deluxe will automatically keep everything in sync moving forward.

Portfolio Tracking and Insights

With all your crypto accounts linked, you get powerful tracking capabilities:

  • Portfolio Value Tracking: Real-time updates on your overall portfolio balance and value based on current prices.

  • Detailed Reporting: Generate reports showing your full transaction history, trades, deposits, withdrawals and more. You can customize date ranges, accounts included, and reporting formats like PDF or CSV.

  • Performance Analysis: Gain insights into your portfolio performance over time with profit/loss calculations, charts showing assets allocations and more.

  • Tax Reporting: With Coinmanage Deluxe’s tax tools, you can easily calculate your capital gains/losses, view summaries by asset/transaction type, and generate tax documents like IRS Form 8949. (More on this in the Tax section)

Having all this data at your fingertips helps you make informed investing decisions.

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Key Features of Liberty Street’s Coinmanage Deluxe Crack

Now let’s look at some of Coinmanage Deluxe’s standout features:

Automated Syncing and Data Aggregation

One of the biggest pain points in portfolio tracking is manually updating data across multiple sources. Coinmanage Deluxe solves this through:

  • Automatic Syncing: Once accounts are connected through read-only API integration, all new transactions and data is automatically synced to Coinmanage Deluxe Free download. No need for manual CSV imports.

  • Data Aggregation: It aggregates data from all your linked exchanges, wallets, bank accounts and payment services into one unified dashboard. You don’t have to juggle between different apps and screens.

The auto-sync and aggregation ensure your Liberty Street Coinmanage Deluxe Crack portfolio is always up-to-date in real-time.

Tax Reporting and Compliance

Calculating crypto taxes is a major headache, but Coinmanage Deluxe has robust tax tools built-in:

  • Capital Gains Tracking: It automatically tracks your capital gains and losses in real-time as asset prices fluctuate. This makes filing taxes much easier.

  • Tax Profiles: You can create tax profiles based on your country/region to apply the appropriate tax rules and calculations.

  • Tax Forms: Easily generate tax forms like IRS Form 8949 directly from within the software. The forms are pre-populated based on your tracked data.

Here’s an example of the Capital Gains Summary that can be exported:

With audit trails and detailed reporting, you stay compliant while maximizing tax optimization strategies.

Mobile Apps for On-The-Go Access

In addition to the desktop application, Coinmanage Deluxe has dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android. The key mobile features include:

  • Check real-time portfolio value and holdings
  • View all transactions across accounts
  • Track spending/earning of crypto
  • Receive notifications about price changes

The apps sync all data through an encrypted cloud service, ensuring your portfolio is always accessible on the go.

Liberty Street Coinmanage Deluxe Crack Pricing and Plan Comparison

Liberty Street Coinmanage Deluxe Full version crack follows a freemium pricing model with a free basic plan and two premium subscription tiers:

  • Free Plan: Connect 1 exchange/wallet, limited to 25 transactions per month
  • Premium Plan ($99/year): Unlimited exchanges/wallets, unlimited transactions, tax tools
  • Premium Plus ($199/year): All premium features + mobile apps + priority support

The premium paid plans are recommended for active investors to take advantage of unlimited account connections, tax features, apps, and customer support.

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Getting Started with Liberty Street Coinmanage Deluxe Crack

To start using the software, you’ll need the following:

  • Operating System: Windows 10+, macOS 10.15+
  • Software Download: Available from our site
  • API Keys: You’ll need API keys/credentials for any exchanges or wallets you want to connect

Setting it up is straightforward:

  1. Create Account:
  2. Install Software: Download and install the Coinmanage Deluxe desktop application from our site
  3. Connect Accounts: Follow prompts to connect your exchanges/wallets using API keys
  4. Import History (Optional): Import historical transaction data as needed

Once set up, your portfolios and data will start syncing automatically in real-time.

Liberty Street Coinmanage Deluxe Crack Alternatives

Coinmanage Deluxe Download free is one of the most comprehensive desktop crypto portfolio trackers, but there are some alternatives:

  • CoinTracking: Web app with tax tools but limited desktop version
  • CoinStats: Strong mobile apps but desktop version has fewer features
  • CryptoCompare: Free web portfolio tracker without tax features

Compared to most alternatives, Coinmanage Deluxe stands out with its robust desktop software packed with advanced features for tracking, tax, reporting, and mobile apps.

Coinmanage Deluxe Support and Resources

Liberty Street provides ample support resources for Coinmanage Deluxe users:

  • Knowledge Base: Detailed guides covering app usage, tax topics, troubleshooting and more
  • Community Forums: Ask questions and get input from other Coinmanage users
  • Customer Support: Premium plan users get priority email and phone support

There’s also a blog with regular updates on new features and crypto taxation topics.

Liberty Street Coinmanage Deluxe Crack


Liberty Street Coinmanage Deluxe Crack is a powerful all-in-one cryptocurrency portfolio management tool. Its automated account syncing, insightful reporting, tax capabilities and support for exchanges/wallets make it ideal for both casual investors and active traders alike. While not free, the premium plans are well worth it for the feature set and convenience of managing your crypto assets.

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